Max + Linda's Home Micro-Wedding

This simple and intimate micro wedding has been one of my all time favorites to photograph. I loved every non-traditional minute of it, from Linda's yellow dress to the lovely ceremony at the park next door. The day started at their charming apartment. Friends and family set up a space for cocktail hour in the living room while Linda and Max got ready for the day. There was a first look and the most wholesome reaction from the groom. I was completely charmed by the whimsical decor and overall aesthetic of their apartment.

Family and friends began arriving for cocktail hour...

I love that Linda and Max hosted a cocktail hour prior to the ceremony. They were able to mingle and chat with loved ones and genuinely enjoy their time. I find with traditional weddings, there isn't much time to chat with guests and the wedding couple usually doesn't have time to pop in to the cocktail hour. I love weddings that prioritize spending time with your friends and family over posed photos. Candid photos of the wedding couple mingling with guests ends up so much more authentic than traditional posed photos!

The ceremony at the park next door...

Cocktail hour stayed true to its name and lasted about an hour. The guests headed to the park down the street for the ceremony. The wedding party walked to the ceremony shortly after and this made for a fun photo opportunity! I loved that Linda and Max walked together to the ceremony and down the aisle. The officiant was a friend of Max and Linda which added to the intimate feeling of the day. I personally love the photographs of the guests standing and watching the ceremony. The enthusiasm and joy on their faces says it all. This wedding was sweet, simple, and full of genuine love.

Photos of the couple to finish my time with Max and Linda

After the ceremony, there were the classic family portraits together. I managed to steal Linda and Max away while the guests then headed to a local restaurant for a dinner celebration. I was excited because this park was so lovely and the flowers were in bloom. I shot most of the photos of the couple on my favorite medium format film camera, Hassie, the Hasselblad. She's the perfect camera to whip out for nontraditional weddings! I love the nostalgic look and adore the color that film produces, especially when a yellow dress is involved!