nostalgic, vintage-inspired imagery


My name is Carin and I have a passion for telling stories through photographs. Some of my earliest memories involve flipping through family photo albums. I love experiencing the nostalgia from candid photographs as you flip through the pages. Stray negatives would fall out and I would look at them through the window light. These memories have had a deep influence of how I craft my photographs. I want a hint of nostalgia and home.

I fully began my journey with photography in 2015 when I learned how to capture film photographs and develop in the darkroom. I officially started my business in 2019 after years of being a high school art teacher. Since then I have cherished capturing photographs for others and diving further into the world of photography (even capturing vintage tintypes from the 1850's in my garage!)

My Family Inspiration

Below are family images I've uncovered and scanned. These images are a huge inspiration to me. Nostalgic, candid, and authentic~ all qualities I include in my own work. I aspire to create images similar to my own family for you!

A glimpse into my world

I can't wait to get to know you too!

I reside in Southwest Michigan with my husband, Ben, and our two doggos, Leo and Penny Lane! Our crew enjoys swimming in Lake Michigan, exploring local landscapes, and renovating our 1939 home.

Favorite Memories

Moments from my life that I cherish.

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