I am here to document your story

I believe in documenting all of life moments, from the biggest day of your life to a simple morning at home. I will be there.

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from: $2400

Packages Include:

6+ Hours of Coverage
Engagement Session
Combination of Digital + Film
Client Guides
Online Gallery
USB/Prints Gift Box
Print Release
Vintage Super 8 Video Add-On


from: $350

What's included:

45-60 Minute Session
Combination of Digital + Film
Client Guide
Online Gallery
Print Release


from: $350

What's included:

45-60 Minute Session
Combination of Digital + Film
Client Guide
Online Gallery
Print Release


from: $350

What's included:

45-60 Minute Session
Combination of Digital + Film
Outfit Changes
Client Guide
Online Gallery
Print Release


How many pictures will we receive?

I don't promise a set number. I will promise to include all of the ones worth keeping. The only pictures that are tossed are ones that have eyes closed, etc. For reference, a one hour session family session usually produces around 60 edited photographs. Weddings will have more photographs produced per hour because of the fast paced nature of the day.

How should we dress for our family session?

I will send you a guide on how to dress once a session is booked. As a simple answer, nuetrals are always a safe bet. Colors that match our chosen location will also look nice. I would avoid crazy patterns and let simplicity be the key. It looks nice when family members have similar colors but don't match exactly.

Where will the session be located?

I can recommend locations in your desired region based on what type of photographs you would like. I also find it so special when you recommend locations to me based on your favorite memories. I can work literally anywhere whether it's a dream destination or the small park where you had a first date.

How long have you been doing photography?

I began my business in 2019. I graduated with a degree in art education and a minor in photography from Ball State University in 2017. I simultaneously taught photography at a high school, worked at a local camera shop, and ran my business part time for years before finally jumping to full time last year! I am so so happy to finally put everything I have into documenting your stories!

Do you offer a variety of packages?

Yes I do! I try to customize packages to best serve your needs! Need a second shooter? Got ya covered. Want an hourly rate vs a package? You bet cha' Let me know what you need and I will accomodate you as best as I can!

Do you edit your photographs?

Yes, I sort through all of the best photographs from the day and touch up lighting and add my artistic flair. I have spent years learning and fine tuning my style. I will also minimally edit blemishes, minor things in the background, etc. as I see fit.

Do you travel?

100% Yes. I love being able to travel to you! I have seen so many cool parts of the world thanks to my amazing clients!

How long is your turn-around time?

For weddings it will take me 4-8 weeks.
Hourly sessions will be a 2-3 week turn-around.

Do you help with timelines/planning?

Yes! I am here to help. Having been to so many weddings, I can definitely sit down and help you with figure out what will work best for your wedding or session.

Do you sell prints?

Yes! You will be able to order prints directly through the online gallery I deliver. If you already have a favorite place to print photographs, all my sessions include a print release, which means you will be able to download your images and take them to any print shop of your choice. If you order through the online gallery, the prints are guaranteed quality.

How do I book you? What is the process?

Check out the tab "Experience" under "Info" on my website to get a vision of how my process works. Here's the gist:
1. Reach out with an inquiry.
2. We will chat over the phone (or in person if you are local!) We can talk logistics, etc.
3. Sign a contract and pay the down payment (25%).
4. Chat and plan details leading up to your session/wedding.
5. Check- in a week or two prior to finalize everything.
6. Your session!
7. You will receive a preview gallery up to a week after your session.
8. I will be in love with your photos and spam you on social media.

Will you photoshop me skinny?

I firmly believe you are 100% beautiful. I like to photograph the candid moments where you are truly happy and laughing with those that you love. Even if you are not 100% happy with your appearance right now. I hope that down the line you will look back on these photographs and see a beautiful and happy moment. A moment in time that you decided needed documentation.

Why hire a film photographer?

document timeless memories

There are several reasons I prefer film. I love the timeless aesthetic and nostalgic feel. I find that there are digital editing styles that come and go, but film is timeless. The colors are stunning and have a look that can't be replicated in digital photographs, not matter how hard I've tried!

I also enjoy that film captures the moment exactly. It can't be replicated. You have the negative and the photograph is what it is. Shooting on film allows me to focus on the moment and composition.

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