How I Stumbled Across This Stunning Theater...

Macy and Grant wanted an indoor photoshoot in a setting with historical architecture. I searched all over the Indianapolis area for a building that would a) allow us to photograph and b) was open on a Sunday. Many of the prime locations were either government buildings open M-F or hotel lobbies with a no photography policy. I was coming up short and had no idea where to turn. I remembered that there was a historic event space/theater in Muncie, Indiana called Cornerstone Center for the Arts. Macy and Grant lived in Muncie, but I wrongfully assumed I would have more luck with locations in Indianapolis. I attended Ball State University, so I am familiar with the area. I attended a formal with my best friend here. We only had access to one room in the building, so little did I know a plethora of stunning rooms were waiting for us! With only a week to spare, I called Cornerstone asking about their photo policy. Normally, this location wasn't open on Sunday. The owner had no problem coming in for us because he lived close (the sweetest thing ever!) The photographing fee was only $90 and that was a higher rate since the hourly pay rate for the employee to come in was included. So ridiculously reasonable, especially for the stunning building. You really can't beat small towns!

We started off in the stunning hallway pictured above

The sun made an appearance for the first time in a month. I was instantly excited to pose Macy and Grant in the highlights along the floor. I love playing with composition and light in this way. I was overwhelmingly excited about the beautiful details on the ceiling paired with the pendant lights. Little did I know, every room in this place was going to make my jaw literally drop. I present you with the theater we walk into next...

Holy smokes that chandelier and ceiling mural...

I could have spent all day photographing those two in this space. We had three stories of this building to explore and had to keep moving. I didn't move far before finding another hallway and I instantly fell in love. Everything from the mural above the elevator to the hanging light was just *chef's kiss*... and that lighting came back to play again, swoon.

No joke, every room in this place was insanely beautiful.

This engagement shoot was seriously a dream. Each new room was charming in a new way. The historic architectural features were stunning. It was over an hour before we headed upstairs, even the stairways in this place were gorgeous.

Upstairs had even more charming rooms!

I have a huge interest in art and art history, so the mural-filled rooms on the second floor were my jam. I loved the unique light fixtures paired well with the murals in these spaces. We spent the remainder of our two hour window in these rooms, exploring and photographing to my heart's content.

As soon as our session was over, I wanted to immediately begin editing.

My husband came with on my Muncie trip so we could walk around campus and reminisce about our college days. We hit all of our favorites before heading home. Starting with Insomnia Cookies and then a lovely walk through the art building, my old stomping grounds, and the College of Architecture and Planning(CAP), his old stomping grounds. I took a snapshot of Ben in the same location as I did 9 years prior. We texted it to our friend, Noah, who also spent his college years in the studios of CAP. We felt old pointing out all the new buildings throughout campus. One last pitstop before heading out was Peurto's, a college staple where refills on salsa are poured with pitchers. What a fun day full of a crazy cool photoshoot and then a walk down memory lane!